Historical Church

Centre Church was organized in 1765 and held meetings at Osborne’s Meeting House. This new congregation’s mission was centrally located between five other missions: Sugar Creek, Hopewell, Fourth Creek (Statesville First), Poplar Tent, and Thyatira. Therefore, the congregation became known as Centre. The church building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Centre helped plant several local chuches: Prospect, Bethel, Davidson College Church, Shearer, and Mooresville First. 

Centre had no ordained pastor prior to 1777. Centre was served at irregular intervals by missionaries, including John Thompson, Hugh McAdden and Revs. McMordie, Donaldson, Wilson,  Kennon, Craighead, Hunt, Millar, Craig and Debow.

Rev. Thomas H. McCaule 1777—1785
Unknown 1785—1798
Rev. Dr. James McRee 1798—1828
Rev. Dr. R.H. Chapman 1828—1830
Rev. Thomas Espy 1830—1831
Revs. Walter Pharr and John Ervin 1833—1839
Rev. John L. Davies 1839—1848
Rev. Stephen Frontis 1849—1856
Rev. William W. Pharr 1858—1908
Rev. R.W. Culbertson 1908—1915
Rev. W. E. West 1915—1925
Rev. J. Kenton Parker 1927—1958
Rev. R. Jack Sadler 1959—1962
Rev. Marcus B. Prince 1962—1969
Rev. D. L. Barker 1970—1979
Rev. George W. Alexander 1981—1993
Rev. Robert M. Howard 1994 – Present

The original Centre Church building was destroyed by fire in 1774. A 50 by 80 foot log building was erected. After 80 years, it was torn down and the present structure took its place in 1854. The campus of Centre Church has continued to grow as the congregation and surrounding community have grown.

The present Sanctuary (1854)
The Session House (1854)
Faith Building (1955)
Williams Building Fellowship Hall (1956)
Rev. J. Kenton Parker Building (2004)

For more information see the article "A Brief History of Centre Presbyterian Church"

Historical Cemetery

People come from all over the country to visit the historical cemetery in search of their ancestors. The headstones date as far back as the 1700’s.

For a listing, click here.

For a listing of Revolutionary Patriots buried at Centre, click here.

Revolutionary War Memorial

On November 03, 2018, a monument donated by the Mecklenburg Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, was dedicated in honor of the members of Centre Church whom fought in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). This memorial is located beside the historic cemetery where the Revolutionary War soldiers are buried.