Spiritual growth takes place in a variety of contexts. Corporate worship and regular fellowship others in the church is an essential part of life in Christ. Alongside church events and informal gatherings, it is important that cultivate our own personal practices of prayer and worship. The aim of this resource list is not to bog you down with a new set of duties, but instead to aid you as you seek to draw near to Christ. Our desire is to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us so that we are able to minister to others from overflowing. 

Here are a few resources that you may find beneficial tools in your Journey.  

Through the Bible Plans

M'cheyne Reading Plan - Through the OT once, NT, Psalms, Proverbs Twice in a Year

Tim Chester 3 Year Plan - Through the Bible in 3 years, about a chapter a day

The Daily Prayer Project - A prayer and Bible Reading periodical following the seasons of the chrurch calendar 


Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon - A Classic Devotional from "The Prince of Preachers"

Streams in the Desert - A Devotional of selected quotations often dealing with the topic of suffering.

Audio Prayer Guide

The Prayer of Examen - Especially helpful if you find yourself struggling to focus during prayer, this audio guide offers a variety of guided prayers varying from 8 to 30 minutes in length.


Questions and Doubts

Making Sense of God - Timothy Keller

The Reason for God - Timothy Keller

Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense - Francis Spufford

Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis

The Resurrection of the Son of God - NT. Wright

Jesus and the Eyewitnesses - Richard Bauckham

Understanding the Bible

How to Read the Bible for All it's worth - Fee & Stuart

New Bible Commentary

NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible


A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World - Paul Miller

Missions/Cultural Engagement

Canoeing the Mountains - Tod Bolsinger