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The Law of God: Moral, Civil, and Ceremonial

January 10, 2021 Pastor: Rev. Dr. Robert Howard Series: The Law of God

Scripture: Exodus 19:1–11

Exodus 19:1-11 | God’s Law would mark, out of all nations, a people who would be God’s treasured possession. Obedience to this Law would define them as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Therefore, the Law God gave through Moses is grouped into three categories: the moral law, the civil law and the ceremonial law. The civil law guided the nation of Israel in fulfilling God’s will concerning civil matters. The ceremonial law guided the nation of Israel on how they were to worship God and what observances they must perform to be acceptable to God. All these ceremonial laws were foretastes of the fulfilled work of Christ in His sacrifice for our sins on the cross. Christians do not need to follow these ceremonial laws in order to worship God be because Christ fulfilled them once and for all.

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