Centre Church has a library open for all members and visitors alike located upstairs in the Faith Building. Fiction and Non-Fiction for all ages can be found on the shelves. Whether you’re looking for a bedtime story to read to your kids or hunting for a trustworthy reference book to help you decipher theological and biblical texts then be sure to check out the library, a wonderful resource Centre has to offer.

We also have a library display located in the Fellowship Hall where you can not only view a sample of our collection but also browse DVDs for all ages!

If you are curious about what books we have and wish to browse a bit before stopping by then please be sure to visit our Goodreads page!

Current Library Volunteers: Angela Jones, Daryl Jones, Samantha Johnston


Both the library room (Faith Building) and the library display (Williams Building) have a check-out box with the following instructions: Please fill out a check-out card located in the recipe box with your contact information and list of selected titles, then file your card by your last name. You may check-out up to six books per family at a time. Please return your selection to one of the library “Return” bins within 30 days. Thank you!


Our library relies heavily on donations so please, if you have any books or DVDs you would like to donate you can deposit them in the labeled basket either in the Library room or by the library display located in the Fellowship Hall. We are open to all donations (all ages and all genres so long as they are written from a Christian worldview and/or contain no explicit or inappropriate content) however we especially seek current publications as we do our best to keep our library up-to-date for our patrons.